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Newcomer Crib

Are you expecting or looking for a last minute find. This crib comes with all the essentials to keep your little one comfortable and to prevent them from out growing it anytime soon. 

$699 $899

Bedroom Essentials


Kitchen Attire

Marble Fur'

Smooth on the surface while hard as marble beneath. With wooden legs to finish this unique design. Straight off of the runway, this piece was styled for an artist's space.

Billenworth Couch

Stay fashionable without the extra. Our spacious couch fits any decor and is perfect for the entire family.

Some of our pieces

Lacrosse Laidback Sit

Sit back and relax in this comfortable lounge chair. Perfect for your room, an office, the living room, or almost anywhere.

Palmouth End Table

Simple yet flexible design, the Palmouth End Table fits perfectly next to our Long Reef Couch.

Candace Rillard Standard Table

Handcrafted with marble touches and wooden beams. This artistic table is perfect to decorate those places in your space that just needs something more.


The Artist Haus is a creative solution to boring stuffy designs and crafts. Step into the mind of an artist with new and refreshing styles for your space.

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